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Thank you for choosing Celebrating Home for your fundraiser.  We look forward to working with you! 


    Download our Fall/Winter 2014 Sales Agreement Form (pdf file) -  (Selling Period July - December)


    Download our Spring/Summer 2014 Sales Agreement Form (pdf file)  -  (orders and payment must be received by Aug 29th)



To receive your brochures simply click on the link above to open the Sales Agreement. Once opened, you can print the form, fill in the appropriate information and fax it to 1-410-630-7080.  You may also return the Sales Agreement by postal mail to the address listed on the form.  Please carefully review the material enclosed within the Sales Agreement, sign and return.  By submitting the Agreement you are fully committing to complete a fundraiser only with Deb Murray, Fundraising Rep with Celebrating Home.  Please do not request brochures until your fundraiser with Celebrating Home has been 100% approved by your organization and dates have been decided upon.  Catalogs are provided upfront at no cost to your organization but are costly to for your representative to purchase and to ship to your organization.  Cancellations are not accepted without full reimbursement to cover the cost of the catalogs and shipping expenses incurred to mail the catalogs.


You will receive a phone call within 48 hours to verify the information on the form, answer any questions you may have, and to review the details of your fundraiser.




Opening the pdf file for the Sales Agreement requires Adobe Acrobat. If the file will not open you can download Adobe Acrobat free by clicking on the following link:  


Get Adobe Reader

 Download Adobe® Reader®


Need Help?  If you are unable to print the Agreement Form please call us anytime at 860-384-3691 or 888-209-0613 and we can email or fax a copy to you. 

For assistance, please email us or Call us Today.  Once your Sales Agreement has been submitted your brochures will be sent by USPS priority mail.











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